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Remax Rearview Mirror Car Recorder CX-03 Full HD 170 Degree Dual Cameras

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Product Description:

1. Front and rear records

Both front and rear records at the same time, switch to both scene on the screen easily, easier to astern with rear camera screen.

2. Wide recording range

Front camera 170°and rear 140°, widely record what happen around the car, won’t miss fantastic funny moment on the road.

3. Automatically record

Camera on when engine’s on, same when engine’s off, changeable recording time period to 2/3/5 minutes.

4. HD Night vision

Anti-glare night vision makes the record clear when driving at night. Adjustable 6 lenses enable the record as clear as the DSLR Camera

5. Automatic rear view switch for astern

When reverse gear’s on, the screen will auto display rear view to help you to backwards securely.