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Scooter Rear Bracket For Mi M365, M365 Pro, Essential, 1S and Pro 2

Scooter Rear Bracket For Mi M365, M365 Pro, Essential, 1S and Pro 2

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Rear Fender Bracket for Xiaomi Mi Scooter

Improved driving experience

The Xiaomi M365 Rear Fender Bracket keeps the rear fender in place of your Xiaomi M365 and M365 Pro, the Mi Essential, Mi 1S and Mi Pro 2 electrical scooters. Thanks to the rubber vibration dampers, the rear mudguard remains firmly in place and is silent while riding. In addition, the bracket reduces the friction between the mudguard and the scooter, so that the mudguard does not break off and the rear light cable is protected from touching the rear wheel.

The mudguard support is made of durable plastic material that lasts a long time. Due to the solid construction of the bracket, the mudguard does not need to be replaced quickly. The light weight of the bracket does not affect the driving at all. The bracket is easy to attach by simply unscrewing the screw of the rear light and then attaching the mudguard support. The bracket of the rear mudguard is equipped with 2 mounting screws so that no extra parts are needed when mounting. 

  • Protects your mudguard from breaking off
  • Thanks to a lightweight bracket, it sticks firmly in place
  • Manufactured from high-quality plastic material
  • Easy to attach
  • Suitable for the Xiaomi M365 Electric Step
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