iMICE AK-800 USB Wired LED Backlit Suspended Round Cap Gaming Keyboard

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1. Brand: IMICE
2. Model: AK-800
3. Keys Amount: 104keys;
4. Color: Black;
5. Switch: The silicone keypad;
6. Connection: USB Wired
7. No flush buttons: 19 keys
8. Backlit: Red, blue and green backlight
9. Dimension: 442*128*32mm
10. System requirements: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10;
11. Weight: 458g;
12. Cable Length: 1.3m;

1. The three-color backlight can be turned on and off by pressing the “Scroll Lock” button on the keyboard;
2. Comfortable ergonomic design, curved key distribution, adjustable angle feet, comfortable;
3. Double waterproof design, no need to worry about liquid splashing, floating keycap, liquid diversion hole, double waterproof, more peace of mind;

Package Included:

1 * IMICE AK-800 104 keys USB Wired 3 Color LED Backlight Suspended Round Cap Gaming Keyboard