Hoco Z14 Single Port With Micro Cable Car Charger 5V/3.4A

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Z14 single USB port car charger with built in spring Micro-USB cable 1.2m total output 3.4A intelligent identification IC universal in-car cigarette lighter port charging

1. Input: DC12-24V.
2. Output: total output: 5V/3.4A, USB output:DC5V/2.4A, wire output:DC5V/2.4A.
3. Material: Flame retardant ABS+PC, tough and wear-resistant, the positive/negative elastic piece electroplated, and the decorative ring also electroplated.
4. One-piece spring charging cable easy to be stretched to 1.2m, with Lighting-connector/Micro USB connector cable for choice.
5. Maximum USB output: 3.4A, with IC for intelligent identification.
6. Overcurrent and overvoltage protections for the circuit.
7. Size: 6.0*3.0 (cm) (L*W*H), Weight: 37g.