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  • Bluetooth at its best: maximum freedom of movement as both earphones are not connected by cable.
  • Touch control: The touch sensor enables intuitive operation.
  • Supports the voice assistants Siri and Google Assistant: Bluetooth pairing and touch control allow direct access - without having to hold the smartphone.
  • Thanks to the integrated microphone you can easily switch between music playback and call answer. So you will no longer miss a call when listening to music.
  • True wireless headset for comfortable telephony at work, in the car or on the move.
  • Smartphone function can be controlled via touch control (e.g. accept , make, reject calls, last number redial).
  • Music control functions (play / pause).
  • Volume can be controlled via voice assistants.
  • With charging box: this means that the headset can be charged up to 3x while on the move.
  • The charging box is charged via the USB-C connection.
  • Music time / talk time: 7h / 5h with a fully charged headset, 28h / 20 h with mobile docking station.
  • Easy handling thanks to auto power-on and auto-pairing.
Break free

The 'Freedom Light' Bluetooth headphones from Hama enable you to leave everyday life behind and immerse yourself in the world of music. Shake it off: Simply dance the stress away in sync with your favourite beats and boost your energy for the day. 'True wireless' means full freedom to move: no cable, nothing to hold you back! The headphones offer easy, intuitive control using touch control and voice commands.


Our 'Freedom Light' headphones combine thrilling sound and stylish design. With their modern shape, the earphones fit snugly into your ear and are turned into an accessory. There is a choice of six on-trend colours – select the look that suits you best. Your style is jazzy? In royal blue and cherry red, the Bluetooth headphones are real eye catchers. Or what about cheerful rose or delicate mint green? In deep black or cool white, the wireless headphones can be combined with any outfit, casual or chic.


Whether you're on your way to work, rushing through town or strolling in the park: The true wireless headphones will help boost your mood. Thanks to auto pairing, the Bluetooth headphones connect to your smartphone within a very short time. If the headphones have already been paired with the phone, you only have to take the earphones out of the charging box, the smartphone and headphones will then connect to one another automatically.

The connection via Bluetooth 5.1 is significantly more energy-efficient. This increases battery life, and ensures continuous wireless sound for up to 7 hours, or 28 hours with recharging in the charging case. The wireless headphones can be easily controlled using touch control or with the voice assistants Siri and Google. Run out of power? The charging box is fully charged again in about 2.5 hours using the high-performance USB-C connection. All this makes the 'Freedom Light' our price-performance winner.


Summer, sun and sunshine: You're lying by the lake listening to Spotify when suddenly your phone rings. Instead of having to search for your smartphone in your swim bag, you press the touch sensor twice to accept the call. The built-in microphone means you can use the headphones like a Bluetooth headset for phone calls. The touch sensor enables touch control. This is intuitive and saves you the bother of having to look for different buttons. Particular smartphone functions, such as call acceptance, call rejection, hang up, or control of music playback, are possible directly on the earbud.

In addition, the true wireless headphones allow you direct access to the voice assistants Siri and Google. This is very practical, as it's better to have your hands free when on the go. What's more, if it's raining, you can simply leave your smartphone in your bag while looking for the nearest café. The volume level can be likewise controlled by voice command, for example: 'Increase the volume by 50%', 'Decrease the volume by 30%', 'Maximum volume'.


A relaxing day on the beach, a night in the tent or a long bicycle tour through the mountains – not a problem for the true wireless headphones. The charging station is so compact that you can take it anywhere with you. It can then be used to recharge the Bluetooth headphones up to three times. The music playback time is 7 hours with fully charged true wireless headphones; up to 28 hours if you recharge them in the mobile docking station with built-in battery. For this purpose, you simply place the earphones in the charging box and charge them there with the stored power – no external power supply is required. The charging cradle has a USB-C connection and can be charged with the supplied USB-C cable.


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