12/14/18/21 Inch Ring Light With Professional Tripod Black + Bluetooth remote Shutter For Selfie

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Please Note The Ring Light Includes:
1.The Tripod 2.1m adjustable (Black)
2. Remote for change light conditions of color 
3. Bluetooth Remote shutter for selfie.

- you can use your phone with a ring light stand and a remote can be used for remote start/stop. 
- Smooth adjustment of brightness and glow temperature with two knobs (dimmers)
- Brightness from 0-100% and the tonality of light from warm yellow (daytime) to cold is regulated by special dimmers
- 3 types of temperature conditions of colour: warm, cold, neutral
- Tilt adjustment allows you to rotate the lamp 180 °, with the ability to fix it in the desired position.
- Complete with a phone holder that fits most smartphones with a width of 5.2 to 10.5 cm
- Economic and energy-efficient LEDs, mains powered

People are using for makeup, live meeting, live seminar, live class, youtube video, TikTok video, etc